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Uni Part (I) Ltd.

We can help you to transform your organisation through a wide range of solutions for introducing lean practice within your enterprise and across your supply chain. Through our showcase approach to introducing lean, we can not only talk about the theory, but demonstrate how you can implement a culture of continuous improvement that delivers sustainable benefits to your organisation and to your customers. Unipart Way is primarily a philosophy of working supported by tools and techniques developed over many years. It's orgins date back to 1987 with our research, not only into Lean thinking of Toyota but also into the high levels of quality that were being achieved by Honda. These findings have significantly evolved and been further developed through our own research at Unipart as we adapted and extended their use from factory to warehouse to office, throughout our own Group of Companies. The outcome was the development of The Unipart Way.
Our knowledge of how to introduce the benefits of Lean quickly, into external organisations, was then developed by our experience of implementing the Unipart Way in major companies in the rail industry that were newly acquired by the Unipart Group.The Unipart Way is still being continuously improved by its day to day use across all the Companies in our Group. This provides a unique and practical opportunity for your and your workforce leaders to come and see both the culture and the tools in place, before embarking on your own Lean journey. Last year our clients sent over two thousand members of their own staff, drawn from all levels, to visit and learn from our Teaching Factory, Teaching Distribution Centre and Teaching Office.