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J D Packers & Movers is a trusted and renowned name in the packing and moving industry. We have a great expertise in offering quality oriented services and we provide the best of packers & movers. Having good experience and expertise in packers & movers services in Noida, we offer Packing, Transportation, Car TPT by Carrier, Air and Ocean Cargo Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Insurance, Car Carrier and many more....Read More


Car Carrier & Transportation Services


We carry cars and other vehicles all over the country in time at very reasonable cost. We also ensure our customers for safe delivery of their cars. Jd Packers and Movers offer reliable Car Carrier Services to individuals as well as corporate customers to ensure swift, safe and convenient transfer of not only cars but any vehicles from place to another. Car being anyone’s most prized possession, its complete safety while loading as well as in transit is duly required.

Jd Packers and Movers offer door to door car carrier service where in the vehicle is picked up by the professionals in this field from the door step and delivered right at the informed destination, at the right address. Also, vital issues like insurance, custom clearance etc are all handled by the Jd Packers and Movers agency itself. Cars / Vehicles are transported by special vehicles like covered car trailers, all over India and worldwide. The trailers & containerized trucks, specially designed for the safe carriage of cars, are used for the purpose. Fully enclosed rail cars with sophisticated tie-down systems secure the ride and protect the vehicle from any scratches and accidental damages.

We, at JD Packers & Movers, take extra care while transporting your car because we understand that your car is a special and an expensive belonging. We know that your concerns while transferring your car is literal and therefore we make every effort to make sure that your car does not even suffer a minor cancel.

We provide car trailers for the transfer of your cars. We arrange for safety of your car at every step, whether it is loading or relocation. Our professional staffs are responsible for carrying out the entire task with care and on time. Service delivered on time is what we believe in.

With the help of car trailers, we transport cars all over India providing you door to door services. Our trailer & containerized trucks are specially designed for the carriage of the cars & other vehicles. The entire fleet is designated to the pursuit of being an even more effective and efficient tool of transportation all the time.

While transferring your cars we, at Jd Packers & Movers in Noida, take special care because we know that your car is most prized belonging. While transporting your car, we take care of even a minor scratch in your car. And we make sure that your car will reach at the final destination in time safely. So, if you are in need of a provider of Car Carrier & Transportation Services, please contact us. We will try to offer you our best services and make you stress free.

We are well known in the market for providing safe and on time delivery of cars to any destination in India. Our Car carrier services, Car transportation services are designed and drafted as per the customer’s specifications, which has helped us earn a commendable list of patrons.

Our company offers efficient car care services and offers to our clients personalized car transportation services at competitive prices.

Some of the salient features of our car carrier services are -

  • Cleaning & Inspection: We first clean the car and inspect it in front of the clients before starting the transporting activity. It helps us avoiding any fluid leaks and other problems.
  • Documentation: We practice effective documentation processes like vehicles condition report, etc., that is recorded both at the point of origin and the destination point.
  • Removal of Personal & Non Permanent Items: We remove all the personal belongings and non permanent items like carrier holders from the vehicles prior to transit.
  • Disconnection of Battery Terminals: We disconnect the battery terminals and alarm systems to save battery life.
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